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Monday, January 24, 2011


I have been doing a pretty good job of clearing out the house, I'm nowhere near done, but have made some progress. Things that I don't want/need are being moved to the garage. I will be having a huge garage sale in the spring. After all of this stuff is out of the house I will begin painting and fixing things up, so that the house will be ready to sell.

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I need some help with lists for the RV. I remember reading about a list of tools to take in the RV. There were also checklists for setting up and getting ready to leave. I did not bookmark these pages when I read them and I'm hoping that maybe someone can give me some links to these sites.

A small bedroom in my house has some built in cabinets, I am using these to hold things that I am planning to take with me in the RV. I'm hoping that by limiting what I take to these few small cabinets that I won't end up overloading the RV.

My husband had a lot of tools, and I want to make sure I keep the ones that I may need along the way. I don't want to sell or give-away a tool and then have to repurchase it.  Of course, I am not able to do any mechanical/engine work but I am able to do some repairs/maintenance and I am willing to learn how to do more.

Enjoy your day, Teri


  1. I am not mechanical either, but can do some minor repairs. In 4 1/2 years on the road, here is what I've used. Wrenches for the extend-a-stay propane tank hookup; two pairs of pliers and one vice grip; hammer; screw drivers; rechargeable drill and bits; duck tape; velcro; and a portable (?) air compressor. I'm sure those that are couples probably carry more... :)

  2. I have gotten a lot of information from the escapees forum. ( If you go to the forum, and do a search for checklists, all kinds of threads will come up with lots of different kinds of checklists.

  3. Yes, found i needed a wrench for the extend a stay propane tank. and the hammer works good on the hitch to tow the pick up :) when trying to get those pins out. Today had to use the screwdriver and the hammer!!! unlikely pair but it worked! Read your book list, don't you just LOVE Lavryl Spencer? Have all her books, she is so readable. Take Care

  4. Don't feel bad Teri, there are a few of us men out here who are not mechanicaly inclined either. I travel with too many tools & don't know how to use half of them properly but at least I have them in case I ever learn....:))

  5. Boy does this sound familiar. I printed a tool checklist but had my son go through hubby's tools picking out what I needed to keep. Then he took what he could use and I yard saled the rest (they sell quickly).

    Here are some links for you on checklists:

    Pick and choose, mix and match, then tailor to your needs and your rig.



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