Remember that when you leave this Earth, you can take with you nothing that you have received, only what you have given, a full heart enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice and courage. -St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, January 31, 2011

Attitude Adjustment

Ok, I am not a negative person, I usually don't worry about things. I have always been good at coming up with solutions and making adjustments to whatever comes my way.

When I think about some of my recent blogs, I feel like I have been whining and worrying. I think the weather has made me impatient for the changes that I am making.
I wanted something to blame when things aren't moving along fast enough.

  As long as I continue to work towards my goal,
 I need to let things fall into place and happen on their own time.

Normally I don't watch much TV, in fact I think it's been off for about two weeks, until today. I usually just have the radio on all day long.  Now I'm watching all of the hype about the weather. Is it better for them to tell us ahead of time, or is it better to just let it happen?

I have a lot to be thankful for,
so I am going back to being grateful for what I have.

The truth is that most of the things
you'll end up worrying about
will work themselves out
regardless of how much you worry.


  1. That is so true - worrying doesn't solve anything. But sometimes we can't help it. There are a lot of things to do before we can get everything done to full-time, and it's kind of daunting. It has to be one of those "one step at a time" things. I do think the weather affects a lot of people, too. Hopefully you'll have sunshine soon!:)

  2. great post! did you know I was feeling like this!!???..some days it just seems to be taking too long for our dream to come true!.I know..don't happy!

  3. I don't think your blog has been negative you're hiding it well. LOL! I remember meeting my first readers and they told me that they loved my blog because I was always so positive. Really shocked me...I felt like you, that I was always posting negative things. I guess it's all in how you handle it.

  4. Not many 'feeling good' shows on Television so I rarely watch it anymore either. The programing & subject matter is just too disturbing.
    I also believe it is harder dealing with things if a person has to endure long hard winters. Those cold grey days are very depressing. Focus on your plans, don't let go of your dreams & one day soon these darker days will be long behind you.


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