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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Travelin' Genes

The gypsy blood comes from somewhere..............

Found some of my Grandma Marys travel journals.
I'm scanning them and passing them on to someone else in the family to keep.
 Mary McKeogh born Tipperary, Ireland on May 25, 1896.
Emigrated to the USA from Queenstown, Ireland
on the vessel Olympic
 arrived at the port of NY on the 18th day of Sept. 1911

September 22, 1951  Left Chicago at 8am,
drove thru Kentland, Attica, Rockville, Terre Haute, Vincennes and Evansville, Ind. Madisonville & Hopkinsville, Ky. Spend the night in a lovely cabin -Rock City Tourist Court, Hopkinsville, Ky.
9/23 Went to St. Peter & St. Pauls Church for 7 o'clock mass, had breakfast then we drove thru Clarksville & Nashville, Tenn. had lunch in Decatur, Ala. drove thru Columbia, Pulaski, Tuscaloose had dinner at Eustaw, Ala. and spend the night at a motel there
9/24 Had breakfast at Pachuta, Miss. and drove thru the Mississippi Natl Forest about 75 miles all beautiful pine trees. Got to Biloxi about noon got a lovely cottage, Rosemary Terrace between Gulfport and Biloxi. Stayed around fishing for a couple days.
9/27 Went to New Orleans had lunch at Antoines
9/28 Rented a boat at Ocean Springs and caught lots of fish and a couple Oysters stayed out 7 hours.  Nora (her sister) and I got awful sunburned.
9/29 Caught a lot of crabs right in front of our cottage then went to Biloxi shopping.
9/30 Went to 10 o'clock mass Immaculate Conception Church.
10/1 Left for Pensicola, Fla. rented a cottage at Gulf Breeze, Fla. Santa Rosa Sound went fishing, swimming every day, went to St. Michael's Church 1st Friday 8 o'clock Mass and 7 o'clock Sunday
10/7 and then a trip about 100 miles along the Gulf stopped at Silver Beach
10/9 Left Fla. stopped at Montgomery, Ala. had lunch in Auburn, Ala. and visited the Natl. Forest spend some time in Atlantic, Ga. and the night in a motel Marietta, Ga.
10/10 Stopped at Chattanooga, Tenn. went on a tour of Rock City $1.50 on Lookout Mt. drove to the top of Ski Hi Tower a hotel on Lookout Mt. then to Chickamagua Point Pk 10 cents admission had pictures taken on Umbrella Rock. had lunch back in Chattanooga, Tenn. on our way to the Smoky Mtns.

I could not find the rest of the journal to find out about the trip back home.
She recorded the cost of the motels:

9/22   Rock City Tourist Court Hopkinsville, Ky  $7.00
9/23   Hoffman's Tourist Court Eutaw, Ala.   $5.00
9/24   Rosemary Terrace Gulfport, Miss. $30.60
10/1   Gulf Breeze Cottages Gulf  Breeze, Fla.   $25.75
10/8   another night at Gulf Breeze $5.15
10/9   Marietta Motel Marietta, Ga     $7.21
10/10  Myers Court Bryson City, N.C.   $6.00
10/11  Colonial Cottages Follette, Tenn.  $6.00
10/12  Cooper Motor Sales Inc Motel Franklin, Ind. $7.00

I enjoy looking at these papers to see what she did, I found some old papers from when she came to the US from Ireland.  I also found some passports. I did not find any photos from this trip.

Do you have wandering ancestors?


  1. That's really interesting...none that I know of...just me. From high school graduation to age 50, the longest I lived at one address was a year. At 52-55 had one address, then 57-60 had one address. I think I was born to be a wanderer...LOL!

  2. I'm with you Donna and Teri....I get restless in one place too long, but I have always lived in the South (Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida). Quite a big deal for your Grandmother to have traveled so much in 1951. Wonder about the purpose of the trip - that was quite a little extended vacation! Very interesting.....

  3. Nice for you to have those papers. They were once important to the person who wrote them & should always be important to the person who reads them.
    I think Christopher Columbus must have been my great, great Grandfather or something. I am always itching to travel & see something new...

  4. You're lucky to have that journal of your Grandma's travels. Wish the prices were the same now days. :)

  5. My great-grandmother was a wanderer. :) My memories of her from my childhood are of coming home from school to find out that Gram was at my grandparents house. I would spend every evening over there as long as she was at the house, and then a couple weeks later, she would be gone again, off to her next destination.

  6. your desire to wander the country came from somewhere..what a great keepsake!!


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