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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Birds

I like winter scenery

But, I can't wait to
 get out of this icebox!!!
* * * * *

I wanna be a SnowBird

I've lived in the Chicago area
my entire life and am looking forward
to spending a winter
on the beach
or in the desert


  1. Cool photo! Did you take it? I grew up in Chicago, also, and have tried to avoid cold temperatures since my retirement. I'm not always successful, however. :( 23* here in Texas this morning! Ugh!

  2. Snowy photo by Stump
    Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center
    Willow Springs, IL / Cook County Forest Preserve

  3. hi Teri..found your blog through everyone's favourite 'blogfather'..Al Bayfield..going to join along in your journey to Fulltiming!!!

  4. Hi Teri, I also found your blog through Al's blog. :) We are also future fulltimers. I think you will find there is quite a community of RV bloggers here.

    I completely understand your post today! I live in upstate NY and was trying yesterday to appreciate the wintery scenery - as I was out driving in it!!

  5. Hi Teri. That’s a terrific photo! While your picture makes me think of our home in northern New York State, it also reminds me that I do not miss the snow.


  6. Indeed a nice winter photo with great detail right from the foregrounds twigs poking through the snow to the distant branches in the background tree lines. Am guessing a tri-pod mounted photo with possibly a large format camera.

  7. Where the Heck in Chicago do you live?..We are here in the boonies of Sandwich, IL..about 60 miles Southwest..and stuck in the same damn ice box!!!


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