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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gas or Diesel

The RV I am considering is diesel, and I'd like your thoughts on which you prefer.

I'm considering a 2007 Winnebago Itasca Navion 23H. Dodge Sprinter 2.7L Mercedes.
I have seen several of these for sale, model year 2006-2009, they changed the floorplans each year and the engine changed to 3.0L----- is that better than the 2.7?

I think the Navion is supposed to be of a higher quality than the Winnebago View or The Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser Mini.

Could I fit a folding bike in here???

I need something that is pretty dependable, I don't want anything real old.

I like the idea of having a jeep for running around, and figure I could add a toad later.
I don't want to go crazy adding a lot of extras........................
I am supposed to be simplyfying my life.
Solar panels would be nice, but I don't plan on doing a lot of boondocking right away.
I think I'll travel around for awhile to visit friends and family. Then in the Spring of 2012, I may do some Workamping or Volunteering, I should have hookups at those locations.

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas you have on this subject.

Enjoy your Day, Teri


  1. Diesel fumes make me instantly ill, so I chose to go with gas. 23' is pretty small, but lots of folks do it, at least for a while. Only you know what you can live with. :)

  2. I think if you plan to full time & travel a lot, a diesel would be the way to go. We are Snow Birds & only travel for about 5 months of the year & some of our stops have been rather lengthy lately so a gas coach has worked best for us. And yes, I would definitely recommend a Jeep for a Toad. Fun to drive, goes anywhere & easily fixable if you bust it:))

  3. it would all be a personal preference!..layout, size, gas or diesel..and make..we wish you luck with all your decisions!..but a jeep for a toad is a great idea!!

  4. Just be sure that you will enough enough capacity to pull a Jeep. They are heavy. With my older Class C, I was limited to a car 3000# or less.

  5. A diesel can be a good choice. They certainly get better mileage than the gas engine and will last/run much longer. I believe one factor to consider is how long you will keep this RV? If you think there is any possibility that you would be trading up (larger size) in a relatively short amount of time, then I doubt the more expensive diesel (fuel, routine maintenance, engine cost) is worth the extra dollars. While a smaller RV is often advantageous for getting into those more remote locations, I would ask myself if I will be outgrowing the smaller rig. In the end, only you will know these answers. Good post!


  6. Well, crap, I just deleted my post to you! Ok, here we go again - the short version. My understanding is that the Winnebago View 23H and the Winnebago Itasca Navion 23H are the same thing. There is a great Yahoo group for the Winnebago View/Navion owners that will happily help you with any questions you have. Actually, we have the 2007 View 23H (for sale). We have loved it, but for 2 people it is too small for fulltiming. I know of singles that fulltime in the View. It gets great mileage, 16-18 mpg. It will not tow over 3500#'s and even the smaller Jeeps are heavier than that. You can check with the group to see what others use as a toad. It is easy breezy to drive, great turning ratio, and easily zips in and out of parking lots. We have loved ours! Happy to help any way I can!


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