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Monday, April 4, 2011

Chocolate for Breakfast

It's been one of those weeks..............and its only Monday morning.

Problems started last Thursday. I just want to go back to bed and hope that everything will get better or the problems will just go away. Is that a bad way to deal with stuff???

I should just get myself moving and go forward........ but I have a hard time dealing with the health problems of my Dad, and all of the other normal stuff of life.

Ate a few pieces of chocolate, but it just upset my stomach. I have been eating a fairly healthy diet lately, and I guess my body is not used to eating junk food.

Found a nice RV on the internet, called and talked to a salesman, its in Florida. It's so far away, but I am very tempted to go there and get it. It's a 2008, less than 8,000 miles and because of an unusual floorplan (but a floorplan that I actually like) its way below NADA retail value.

Would you buy an RV that only has one sink, not a seperate kitchen and bathroom sink? Would have to use the same sink when brushing teeth or when washing dishes, etc. I don't plan on cooking in the RV, I eat mostly fruits and veges, and will eat cooked food when eating out.  Don't want to stink up the RV with the smell of cooked foods. Although I am not a strict vegetarian, I do lean more towards a vege diet.  It has the place to add an additonal sink if I felt it was necessary in the future. Former owners choose to have more counter space and did not cut out hole for kitchen sink.


  1. If that's what works for you, then that's fine. Personally I wouldn't want just 1 sink, but buying an RV is an individual thing. Everyone has their 'must have's', nice to have etc, just like in a stick house. Go with what you want.

  2. Hope your dad is getting better...we got lucky is so hard ...I just want to be in denial about the whole thing too! Personaly,for me ..I would not buy an RV without looking at every nook and cranny in person. Take your time ...and there are so many like new used ones for sale from individuals right Arizona anyway. Save lots of $$$ that way..

  3. You plan on fulltiming, and never cooking in the RV? Interesting. I prefer two sinks too. :)

  4. Decisions, decisions. I never had to deal with just one sink, that's a new one. For me it was Class and length. Good luck on your search.

  5. Only you know what floor plan will work best for yourself. Sounds like you can always have a sink added if you want one.

  6. Sweetie, chocolate is not junk food, it is a major food group. I love cooking in the RV, saves a ton of money and the food is always good, unlike road food which you never really know about.

  7. I totally sympathize with the parental health denial. It caught up to me and I'd like to back in my new RV with double kitchen sinks and one in the bath/bed room. Yet, it's true, only you can pick what you want. Have to agree that eating out gets pricey. And since when is chocolate junk food?

  8. I met a Lady this weekend that lives in Oregon and she bought her RV in Florida. Flew out there picked it up and has been driving back. Bought a tow bar here in Tucson so she stopped here to pick it up. Only you know what will work for you.
    Hope all works out well for your Dad.

  9. I once thought of building a small house with only one sink. I don't see why more than one would be needed in a compact living situation. Sounds like fun.


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