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Monday, April 11, 2011

Northern Exposure

Do you remember the TV show, "Northern Exposure" about a small Alaskan town?

I liked this show, although I probably only saw a dozen episodes. I don't own any DVD's, but was thinking of getting the entire series of this show on DVD, to take in the RV. It would give me something to watch on rainy days or on days I can't get an internet signal.

I recently came across some quotes or sayings from the show.

A person has three choices in life.
You can swim against the tide,
and get exhausted
You can tread water and
let the tide sweep you away
You can swim with the tide,
and let it take you where it wants to go.

It's just human.
We all have the jungle inside of us.
We all have wants and needs and desires,
strange as they may seem.
If you stop to think about it,
we're all pretty creative,
cooking up all of these fantasies,
it's like a kind of poetry.

I guess what I am trying to say is,
I don't think you can
measure life in terms of years.
I think longevity doesn't necessarily
have anything to do with happiness.
I mean happiness comes from
facing challenges and
going out on a limb and taking risks.
If you're not willing to take a risk
for something you really care about,
you might as well be dead.

We hold in our hands,
the most precious gift of all:
The freedom to express our art. Our Love.
The freedom to be who we want to be.
We are not going to give that freedom away
and no one shall take it from us!

I don't remember the actors name, on the show he would
 report the town news and offer up this type of advice
 on the towns radio station.


  1. Northern Exposure was one of my all time favorite TV shows!!!!!! JoAnn

  2. About the time that show was on, I moved to Minnesota in January. I thought I had been transported to the movie set! :)

  3. All time favorite show. the DJ's name was Chris and he was played by John Corbett. What an amazing cast of characters. Ed, the filmmaker, Marilyn, the doctor's receptionist, wonder what happened to those two? Not to mention Maggie, who I believe moved to Texas. Haven't seen her in anything for years. Oh, that was such a good show. I miss it. Those DVD's should keep you in good viewing.

  4. This reminded me of one of my favorite shows - from some time ago - North of 60.

  5. I watched every episode of that show---
    I see John Corbet had a spot on the new show Parenthood--I always enjoyed his character in Northern Exposure. I know you will enjoy the series!

  6. I believe John Corbett was also one of Keri's love interests on Sex in the City. Loved both those shows!

  7. I never watched the show when it was on, but have since gotten hooked on it. I have several seasons of the DVDs and you're right, they are great for a rainy day!


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