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Friday, April 29, 2011

Yankeetown, FL

Wednesday Evening.......... cloudy, no rain

B's Marina and Campground.........Yankeetown, FL

I left Lazydays on Wednesday afternoon and only drove a few hours. The campground for tonight is on a river that leads into the bay. Many come to this campground only on the weekends. After I arrived, I sat by the river until dark. I enjoy finding places along the water to sit.

This campground is very similar to where we had a travel trailer parked near the Illinois River in Marseilles, IL for several years.

Janine asked about the make and model of my coach.
It's a 2008 Winnebago Aspect 23D, it was originally built as a mobile office. Most of the 23D Aspects that I have seen have a slide for the couch/bed. I do not have a slide in mine. My coach does not have the kitchen sink or stovetop installed. It has a small, electric only refrigerator under the counter.
Enjoy your day, Teri


  1. So, are you enjoying your rig? How did the driving go? :)

  2. Teri, thanks so much for the info. I went to look at RV's yesterday. I did like the Winnebago Aspect, but fell for the Chalet. Just looking, still getting my feet wet in RV land but I believe it to be my next life change. Really excited and looking forward to this new adventure.

  3. Glad it is going well and your finding things along the way you enjoy.

  4. What a beautiful place to stop for your first night in the new coach!


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