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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Gift from the Post Office

There was a box in the mail Saturday

a gift from the Post Office

The box was printed "Sample Showcase"
"A selection of free Product Samples"
"Brought to you by the U.S. Postal Service"
It came at a good time, its all stuff I can take on my trip

I hope the Post Office is
making money doing this,
If they are spending
taxpayer dollars
then I don't want this stuff.

Has anyone else received anything like this
from the Post Office?


  1. That's strange! My mail is being held right now while we are away so I am wondering if I got a sample pak too. The USPS says it gets no taxpayer dollars but in reading their financial page, that assertation sounds a little like "spin"! Who knows????

  2. Not me, not yet! I have to think these companies are paying the USPS to deliver samples as a form of advertising. I'm torn about that. What next? Banner ads on the side of their delivery trucks? The post office "presented to you by Proctor and Gamble"? Can't our government do anything without gumming it up?

  3. not me either...but I would take it...what cracks me up is all the tv advertising the post office is doing?? when they are going so broke??

  4. I enjoy free samples, but haven't gotten any since I've been on the road. :(

  5. coupons and samples..woohooo!!..just that deodorant is at least a six dollar value!!

  6. No free samples here, but then I haven't seen my snail mail in a month and a half.

  7. I don't use any of the products so I hope I don't get it.

  8. I never get anything free in the mail only bills to be paid. :( enjoy the free stuff and yes they are great for your trip.


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