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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New plans.........Too much to do

I'm working part time at a Income Tax office and the owner told me today.......
He has some projects, problem returns and late filers that need to be worked on after the 15th.  Told him I can't do it, I have 3 different trips planned in the next 6 weeks.

The RV is in Florida, and I need to go get it and don't want to rush home in it. Easter week is coming up.
I couldn't find an RV here in the Midwest that wasn't rusty.  I am happy with the RV I found in Florida, but it makes it more challenging to get it, and my first RV driving trip will be longer than I anticipated.
The timing isn't ideal, but I am determined to make all of this work out.

I am taking my Dad to Colorado to visit my daughter - May 5th to May 13th.

I am meeting my daughter and son in law and his family in Texas on June 1st for a week. I want to drive the RV to Texas and then spend some time in Texas and a few other states after my daughter and son in law go home to Colorado.

If I go to FL to get the RV (at the end of May) and drive straight to Texas, I won't have my cat with me. I would be away from home for about a month and my cat is 16 1/2 years old and has been ill for the past few weeks. The vet thinks its just old age and her body is failing, I have to take her back to the vet on Friday, April 15th. I really want to take her with me to Texas, I don't want to leave her "home alone" for that long.

So......this is the plan.......

1.   Take cat to vet and finish my tax work this week, get ready for Florida. I have a niece and a friend that will check in on the cat when I am in Florida.

2.   Leave for Florida on the 19th to get RV, spend 2 days at RV dealers campground, visit friend in FL and head back to Illinois.  I will be on the road for Easter, but my thought was "this is a rebirth" and Easter is a time of rebirth.  My daughter just texted me and said this same thought. Very strange.........

3.  Home for a week

4. Trip to Colorado with my Dad. Not in the RV, we will travel via Amtrak, easier for him.  Hopefully the cat will be ok with her kitty sitters.

5.  Home for 2 weeks, get the RV ready for a longer trip, maybe take a few overnite trips (with the cat) to some small state or county parks around Illinois.

6.  RV trip to Texas........Leave at least a week before the date I am meeting the kids in Texas, so I can take my time getting there. Take my cat to Texas with me, hopefully she will be ok, and won't be too freaked out in the RV.

7. Arrive back home after one month of travel.

8. Garage Sale, Selling House and making arrangements to travel for the remainder of 2011.  Make plans to be SOUTH for the winter of 2011. Set up workamping sites for 2012.

In between all of this, continue to move stuff out to the garage, and take care of all paperwork and loose ends to consolidate things to make my life easier.

I emailed the pics of the RV to my daughter, her first comment was..."It looks like an ambulance".
I would think ambulances are built sturdy, so I'm assuming mine is built nice and sturdy, also.

I have the above schedule in a 'word document'. I printed it and will give it to my Dad today and explain to him what I will be doing.


  1. Looks like you have a PLAN hope it all comes together for you, we will be having company of some blogger friends at the end of May and then in June take the Grands on a week vacation to Pidgeon Forge TN. Don't forget if you get in the St Louis area to get in touch by the blog or my e-mail and stop by the house, plenty of room at the Weeb Ranch for your new rig. Have a great trip. Sam & Donna...

  2. Sounds like you have everything all planned out. I think your new RV is really cozy and is great for someone starting out on a new journey.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  3. sounds like you have it all figured out, Teri!..good for you..hope it all falls into place!!

  4. Teri, I will be in MS until around the 28th of April. I can offer you a free overnight at the refuge if you'll be coming west on I-10. :)

  5. Always nice to have a plan, just leave a little wiggle room. Has your cat been a traveler before?

  6. Isn't it funny how we sit around dreaming and planning...and all of a sudden there are things to do, places to go, people to meet, and we're busy, busy, busy! Sounds like you have everything scheduled out well. It's so nice to have a plan.
    I told my daughter over the weekend, "For so long I've been an RVer wanna-be, and in one day, I became an RVer." You will be an RVer soon. Isn't that cool?

  7. As the great bull rider Ty Murray said "You are never completely ready....sometimes it is just your turn"! It is your turn go!

  8. Hmmm... And I thought only MY life was that way! It will all work out -- probably not exactly as planned, but great none the less. Have fun on your new journey!

  9. I hope the cat will be OK in the RV? I know so many full timers have cats, but I wonder how an older, not so well kitty is going to do.


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