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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RV Gadgets and Pictures

Tuesday, April 25th                Seffner, FL  92*, sunny - no rain today

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my new "coach". I have decided to refer to it as a coach instead of an RV, since that is what all of the employees at Lazy Days RV Center do.

I am staying on the delivery lot again tonite, and I am very lucky, they put me on the corner lot, with a grassy area and a tree for shade. Most of the coaches in this lot are parked very close together, surrounded by blacktop.

A service department tech stopped by this morning and we did the walk around and he explained everything to me.  I forgot to use my new camera to take notes. Hopefully I will remember what to do. I asked them to grease the power step and there is one storage area they need to vacuum, they will do this in the morning. I don't like the manual awning on this coach, and will eventually upgrade to an automatic one. The manual ones are a pain for one person to open and close.

I still need to buy a mattress and make cushions for the back and sides of the daybed.

Now, the gadgets: so many things to add to make life easier and safer.  Camping World has a great location, right on this property with the RV dealer.

The dealer supplied a basic RV kit with a 15' water hose, and some hoses and clamps for draining the tanks, tank chemicals and an adapter for the Power Cord.

I purchased the following: Surge Protector, Water Pressure Regulator, elbows for the water hoses, Easy Coupler Kit for the waste tanks, Deluxe Tire Gauge, and screens for the water heater and furnace vents.
I also purchased a 12V coffee maker, the house batteries are behind the drivers seat, with an access panel in the floor, 2 sealed marine batteries.  Others have blogged about the type of batteries that need to have water added, but I guess these will work just fine.

Keys:  I have 6 keys and none are duplicates, 2 different deadbolts on the back door, spare tire lock, storage door locks, house battery access panel lock, and of course the key to start the coach.
No beepers here, it has manual door locks.

I am really enjoying this coach, I love the open feel to it. It has more storage than I expected and is very comfortable to be in.

Enjoy your day, Teri


  1. Your coach looks super shiny and clean. I like the interior wood and colors. Very, very nice. I'll bet you can't wait to drive it off the lot. It's such a wonderful feeling. I still can't believe I own a motor home. Can you believe it's yours? Are you going to name her? :)

    I have lots of keys, too. I have duplicates, though. Make sure duplicating your keys is one of the first things you do. It would be a real bummer to lose one.

    My automatic stairs have a sticker saying not to lubricate them. But I'm sure your techs will know what's right for your coach.

    I have manual door locks, too. Really miss having a remote! My son said I could have one made, but they are not cheap. You could check that out and see if you want one made.

    Have fun. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Glad to hear you purchased a surge protector. Hope it's the one you plug into the power source. Water regulator is good too. You've done your homework! Now enjoy!! :)

  3. I also refer to my motorhome as a coach. Reading the list of items you purchased reminded me that those were the same items I purchased from Camping World at the time I picked up my coach. All except for the surge protector, which I intend on getting next. They are just so expensive but I know I need to get one.

    One of the things I really like about your coach is that it does not have any graphics on it. None of those awful black stips of vinyl criss crossing the white. It really shines.

  4. enjoy using all the new 'camping world stuff'!! jealous! have a great trip as you head towards home!

  5. I'm so excited for you....the coach is gorgeous!

  6. Nice looking coach. All the accessories do get pricey, especially at camping world. I used marine batteries for years. Keep the rubber down and enjoy the journey.

  7. Teri, I love your coach. So many of us are turning those dinetts into day beds or sofas. I love having the daybed. Sometimes my sister comes along and its so easy to just throw some sheets on it and a comforter. TV trays work great for eating and when I am alone I use one of those small folding tables and then I can put my laptop on it and just leave it there.

  8. How exciting for you! I know you are looking forward to getting her to a nice campsite! I am happy for you Teri, and can't wait to see how it looks after you add your touches!

  9. Wanted to comment also, I love the picture of you & your late husband in front of the RGS ten wheeler, being a train guy I sure like steam engines, put Steamtown NP on your list of places to see some summer it is in Scranton PA, my hometown. Be safe out there.. Sam&Donna..

  10. Looks like you are pretty well all set up to get out there on the open roads & rumble. Good for you in pursuing your dream.

  11. I love the solid white exterior! If I decide to paint Dod, he will be pure white too.


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