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Saturday, April 9, 2011

What kind of RV????

Officially, its not mine yet. But I feel like I own it, still have to do the paperwork and all that fun stuff.

I decided to go with the RV that has an unusual floorplan.

It's a 2008 Winnebago Aspect 23D, 23'8" long. It was custom built as a mobile office. It looks like it has some extra outlets, easier to plug in computers and stuff without cords all over the place. It has less than 8,000 miles. It has a backup camera. I asked for the VIN and ran a carfax report on it. Carfax lists it as a 2007 Ford E450 Super Duty Cutaway  6.8L V10 FI.

I like the neutral colors, no ugly print fabrics.
Because of the unusual floorplan, the price is a lot less than the NADA value (I like to look at this guide when pricing things - 

If I paid more or bought something newer, I would be less likely to make changes. This way I can customize it to my needs. The thing is, I liked this RV from the minute I saw it and called about it right away (even with the price they had on the internet, which was ridiculously high).  I think they do that on purpose, and let you negotiate a lower price, so you think you are getting a bargain.  I imagine I will be needing to buy tires within the year. I keep reading about old tires drying out even if they don't have a lot of wear.

I have been bugging the salesman with questions, so he keeps making little videos and emailing them to me. I have asked him to measure some things for me, also.

When I went over my lists of wants and needs, the #1 item that I kept going back to was a decent size bath. Everything else I could work around.

My RV has the rear bath and kitchen in the middle, except the kitchen does not have a sink or cooktop. When I was looking at RV's, I would think to myself, it would be nice to get one without the cooktop. It did not have the shower installed, but they are putting it in for me. I asked for the shower before we came up with a price, and its included in the price. There was a cabinet where the shower should be. It does have the ceiling vents/fans. It has a small fridge and a microwave/convection oven. It has 2 dinettes, I will eventually change out one or both of the dinettes.

I also like that it has a tile floor, the only carpet is in the cab area.

I like that it does not have tall cabinets along both sides, which gives the feeling of a hallway, the only tall cabinet is on the back wall by the bath. All of the other cabinets are around the top or they are counter height.

I will make up one of the dinettes as a daybed/couch - for lounging and sleeping. I will wait until I take several trips in it before I make any major changes.  

It's plain on the outside, but I have always considered doing a "wrap" of my husband's photography.

I wish I didn't have to wait 6 weeks, but I have some things to finish up around here. I was spending a lot of time each day looking for an RV, now I can use that time to get ready to travel and get the house sold. My friend lives in Bradenton, FL and I will be able to visit with her when I pick up the RV.


  1. Congratulations! I hope you have many pleasant miles and journeys with your new rig. :)

  2. Love the idea of a wrap. I have bookmarked their site for future reference. If you look into it, I hope you will post information on it wether you choose to do it or not. I'd love to know how much it costs etc.

  3. Teri,

    The E450 with the Triton V10 is a very reliable and most popular configuration for a Class C. Congrats! Looks like a very nice rig that will last a long time.


  4. congrats! on your purchase..hope it is everything you think it will be!!..

  5. Congrats! You've done it. Those 6 weeks will wiz by and you'll be on the road. Lots of storage and counter space. I Love the Wrap idea. I am contagiously excited with you. You will make it your own over time.

    Oh how I miss my new 5er. Over a month living in an 8' cabover truck/camper is getting old.

  6. I can feel your excitement. Nice to have a creative challenge like that & it looks like a good solid truck. The wrapping it part would be my fav.

  7. I think it is gorgeous! They do seem to find us:).

  8. Your cab is just like mine, except I have a 2006. It is soooo easy to drive, you'll love it.

    Really interesting floor plan. Although I really wanted a couch, you've got a perfect layout for having an office, too. I would have loved that.

    I'm excited for you, and can't wait until you get it, to see what you do, where you go, etc.

  9. Im glad you found the RV for you. Im xcited to see it and watch it transform into your own


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