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Monday, April 25, 2011

First Night in the RV

Monday, April 25        Seffner, FL  90* scattered showers

Lazy Days RV Center

I was finally able to get a look at the RV this morning, everything looked good. I signed all of the paperwork and secured insurance and then waited while they detailed and finished up a few things.

The service waiting area, which looks like a lobby in a five star hotel, has one side for those with dogs, and the other side for those that don't want to be bothered by dogs. They have free wi-fi throughout the entire complex.

It started to rain around 5:30pm, just about the time that they put the RV on a spot with an electric hookup for the night.  They couldn't walk around to show me how everything works, so they plugged it in, turned on the water heater and said they would be back in the morning. I'm not sure if I will be staying on this site until I leave here, or if I will move to the campground tomorrow. This is the delivery area, I am not in the campground, there are several rows of RV's in this area tonight.

No pictures today as it has been raining on and off.

I loaded my bags and things into the RV. I will return the rental car tomorrow.  I did some shopping at Camping World and Walmart.  I picked up a salad at Quizno's for dinner and have been sitting in the "coach" figuring out things and putting things away. My salesman refers to the RV as the "coach".

I found a huge package of the original instruction manuals and papers from Winnebago. I found the front curtain and snapped it into place behind the cab. There are day/night blinds for the two larger windows, not sure if I am going to like these. I like to open my windows and the brackets seem to deter this.

Lazy Days RV Center is a great place for anyone that is a first time RV buyer. They know exactly what we need. They have 3 different classes every day on a variety of subjects. They also offer a "free driver confidence class". I will attend this on Wednesday morning. They also offer a free breakfast and lunch in their cafe. It is a very limited menu, but it is a good meal.

The entire complex includes the Sales and Service area, a hotel, several restaurants, Flying J. fuel, Lazy Days Campground and Camping World.  Walmart is just down the highway a few miles.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be busy with classes and learning all of the systems of the RV. I will be leaving here Wednesday afternoon.

The next step is driving home, finding campsites along the way, and backing up (with the help of the backup camera).

I do not have the A/C on, I opened the ceiling vents and am sitting here enjoying a cup of tea before going to sleep.

To be continued.......................


  1. Looks like a great rig and they sure do offer lots of help classes. Have fun with it and can't wait to see the pictures of the inside and more of the outside.

  2. Welcome to your new home. Classes, geeze, I never got any classes. When I get ready to roll my new 5er I may be bungling along. Good luck! If you don't need hot water, turn the water off or just to pilot to save propane.

  3. I wish they had a place like that around here! Classes! We will really need them when our time comes.

  4. What wonderful service! I know just how you are feeling tonight. So happy to be there, but not sure what to do next. Have fun learning all about your new "coach" and with the classes. That is a really nice thing, to offer classes. It will give you more confidence. Looking forward to pictures!! :)

  5. Good Luck with your new Coach, i know you will do just fine getting used to it, Have a safe trip back north. Sam & Donna.

  6. If you are like me you would have been feeling pretty darn excited sitting in your coach for the first time looking around & thinking of how your going to fix it up nice & cozy like. I have found that 'first time' sit down always a greatly fun & creative time in any of our past rigs. I like the idea of classes as well. We are never too old to learn new things properly. You go girl:))

  7. sounds like great fun!..all new and exciting!..enjoy every moment!!

  8. We are sooooo excited for you. Can't wait to hear about your future adventures.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  9. Just LOVE your coach. Can't wait to see photos of the inside. I know that feeling of the first night's sleep in your new home. It's fantastic! So happy for you.

  10. Awesome Teri! The first night in anything new to us is always so much fun! Our first night in our "coach" was nice and quiet and for me, I didn't get much sleep. I kind of just lay there and looked around and just took it all in.

    The next day, I stood outside and stared some more!

    Have fun with the classes and your first outing!


  11. I'm impressed with the classes available to you.

  12. Hi Teri, I really like your 'Coach' as you call it. Can you tell me what make and model it is?

    Thanks, Janine

  13. Although my comment is a little old, I just started reading different posts from the start. I will note the RV place as a good one for "newbies". My list of RV info in my iPhone and iPad is getting quite long. Thanks for the info.


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