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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On the road...........

Wednesday, April 27th       Sunny and Hot Florida

I woke up to a pleasant sight this morning, a crane was walking around on the little patch of grass beside my coach. By the time I got the camera and went outside he had moved away, but not too far. Across the road from where I am parked is a fenced in "wetland area", this is where the cranes are nesting. This is all part of Lazydays property. They were doing their dance, I took pictures but there was a lot of stuff in the way.

I know I should crop the pics, but don't feel like playing with them.

This morning was the classroom instruction part of the Driver Confidence Class. I then sat in on the next class, Charging Systems. He explained the converter/inverter that is in my coach. And they talked a little about solar and generators. He answered questions specific to each persons coach.  He had samples of various converters, inverters, etc. - he had one like I have in my coach. I have one outlet in my coach that is labeled inverter.
          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
After lunch at 1pm, we met in the campground for some actual driving time. I went first in my group, so that I could leave. I wanted to leave the RV lot and start my trip back to Illinois. We drove a 40' bus around the campground, low speed, but to learn about taking the turns correctly and going around curves. There were people walking around and cars parked in front of the coaches, so it was real life driving. I thought we would be in a vacant parking lot. We also had to pull into/out of a long diagonal space like in a rest area, without hitting cones or the other coach that was parked next to us. I am happy to report I did not hit any cones or fall into any imaginary water on the turns. Maybe I can get a job as a bus driver. Haha!  We didn't back up this RV, but they gave good instructions about how to line yourself up. They have videos on their website   search BARNEY, he is the instructor.

I left Lazydays this afternoon, no more practice, I-4 is two blocks away from the RV lot. I drove a few hours and parked for the night.

              This is where I parked for the night.
I am happy to report, with the campground owners signals,
I parked on my first try. Beginners Luck!
I'm sure I'll have some days where it's not so easy...........

Have a good day, Teri


  1. Now your no longer a "wannabe!" You'v graduated to being a "newbee."

    Safe drive home!

  2. congrats on your first parking spot!!..enjoy!

  3. good for you! you are going to have so much fun.

  4. I wish I would have had the opportunity to have classroom instruction when I purchased my coach. I was given a walk through, which I taped, but when you don't know what to ask you just listen. When I got home I had loads of questions which the taped walk-through did not cover. My control panel was never explained and that is what controls everything. I had no clue where my batteries were.

    I also only recently did my first back in. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

    So now you've had your first night of camping in a park. That's great! Here's to many more.

  5. Welcome to life on the road. You'll learn as you go yet nice to have the instructions too. Be safe and keep the rubber down.

    PS: I couldn't back up my 27' 5er very well and haven't even tried with the new 36'.

  6. I did drive a bus as a retirement job for a couple years with Trailways, Two small things will keep you from having any trouble, It is taught to you when you train for bus driving, !. Always know where all four corners of the bus are. 2. Never back up without physically checking to see what is close behind you or having a dependable spotter.I'm sure you will gain confidence and become highly proficient in no time at all. Enjoy your trip home to Il. Sam & Donna...

  7. Teri, you are on your way. Since I bought my couch used from a private person I really didn't have a clue as to how to do much of anything. when I called an RV Park to make reservation
    I told the manager I didn't know anything, he said don't you worry I will make a pro out of you before you leave. Well he pretty much did and I am ever grateful to him. I spent a week there and it was off season so he had time.
    The rest is up to the driver US be safe and enjoy your trip home.

  8. Good Job! Thanks for the link - I'm going to click it and look at the videos. I did crunch the side of mine on a too-close turn, so I definitely could have used some instruction! Have fun! :)


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