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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cell Phones

Seems like cell phones are something that most of us have a love/hate relationship with.

I have used Sprint for many years, we have 4 phones on a family plan. My dad took over my husbands phone, and my daughter and her husband are in Colorado, but they are on my plan.

I have an old flip phone that does not have a QWERTY keypad. My daughter and I text each other often and it takes me longer to send a message and I also have a hard time seeing pics that she sends to me.

So, what type of phone do you use? What phone service do you have/are you happy with your phone service?

I have been thinking about a satellite phone, I think they get service everywhere, have to do more research and see if Sprint has them.  I haven't changed my phone in many, many years, so I have some upgrade credits waiting for me.

I could update to an Android? based phone. But, I actually like my phone to be just a phone, and maybe a camera...but I don't need my phone to be a secretary.

Don't want to get an IPhone - because I have been happy with my service from Sprint.
Sometimes technology is too complicated, but it seems like we need to have it.
I would still like to keep it as simple as possible.


  1. Hi there Teri. We had satellite phones that we used for soil survey in the wilderness. They don't necessarily work everywhere at all, and we would often not be able to reach coworkers in dangerous situations thinking the sat phone should work. Instead, we finally got SPOT devices for safety, but of course you can't talk on them. Sat phones are also really expensive for what you don't get with them. I have had ATT for years, so now have an iPhone, and it works as well as anything else I think. Lots of debates about Verizon vs ATT, and my trucker has had both, but went back to ATT. Who knows, it's a crap shoot.

  2. we just have blackberry's..a small ete much modern techno crap that we barely use..

  3. I have a Droid Incredible, and I love it!! :) I like phones that do lots of other things though. I can check my email, read blogs, make lists for myself, and do all kinds of stuff with my phone. I have had Verizon for many years, and very rarely have a problem with cell service.

  4. Guess I am the exception to the rule here. I am not phone person at all whether the darn thing is hanging on a wall, sitting on a desk or perched in a shirt pocket. Learned a long time ago not to answer a ringing telephone. Kelly mainly uses the computer based Skype program. I mainly use carrier pigeons, a loud voice, smoke signals & wild hand gestures for long distance communications:))

  5. I've been trying to figure out what cell phone to buy for years. It's all so confusing I just shine it on. Have had a prepaid tracfone for at least a decade that I mainly have for "emergencies" or long distance. I keep changing landlines every six months when I move. Then get DSL at the NR and dialup here (suck). When I total up the monthly expense of phone and internet I figure I could probably bite the bullet and get a fancy phone that does it all. But then I'm right back where I started, not knowing what to get. Good luck with this. I'll be interested to see what you choose.

  6. I have a Nokia E71 phone from Straight Talk. It costs $45 a month for unlimited calls, texts and web. What made me buy it was that I can connect my laptop to the web through the phone. This means that I have unlimited internet access as well as a phone for $45 a month, and I can use it anywhere I like in the USA. This is a prepaid phone so there is no contract involved.


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