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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Healthy Eating, Part 2

When I was feeling sick last week, I vowed to start taking better care of myself. On that same day, I started a new blog to record my weight, exercise and diet.  Since I read too much and do a lot of research, I am also including bits of info on the other blog that I discover about health.
I didn't want to include all of the diet stuff on this blog, as most of you won't have an interest in it.

I'm not real computer savvy on how to put a link "here". So if you look at "my profile", the other blog is there.

I have to find natural ways to reduce my blood pressure, it is borderline right now.  If I can't reduce it, I will have to start taking medication.  I do not want to take medication.
I starting gaining weight when we bought a 2nd car and moved to the suburbs, no sidewalks, not too many places to walk.  But, it wasn't enough to cause any medical problems, just made me buy larger size jeans.     I know that exercise is the key, and I prefer walking or hiking, but am stuck inside most of the winter.

In August of 2004, I did the 60 mile charity walk for Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Research.  I know I have the ability to workout and do training. I had to do a lot of training and exercising to be ready to do that walk. I had made a committment to finish the walk, and didn't want to back down from the challenge.

As I look back, it seems that shortly after that walk, things started going downhill.
I was taking care of many people (family and clients) and not thinking about myself.

Really, when I think back, it's like ...Why did I do that??? I feel like I lost some years.
Time to make that committment to ME.


  1. {Quote) "I know that exercise is the key, and I prefer walking or hiking, but am stuck inside most of the winter." {Unquote)

    That has always been one of the main driving forces for us to spend our winters in the Southwest where we can be outside everyday enjoying the natural kinds of exercising like walking & hiking mountain trails.

  2. Good for you Teri. When I got sick a few weeks ago is when I decided I Had to quit smoking. I try to eat relatively healthy but seem to get my fair share of sweet junk too. And now I want to eat more, but don't want to gain weight. I've never been good at a disciplined exercise regime. Summer's I get plenty of outdoor exercise but winter I'm a lazy lump most of the time and especially when it's cold. (For me that's anything below 60 degrees. I'm a weenie.) Sure glad spring is coming so I can get out more. Good luck with this.

  3. Would you like to borrow Emma? She'll drag you around about five miles a day! :)


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