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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kindred Spirits

Thanks, I have some new friends/followers this week.

It's amazing how this little blog can connect me to so many people that share the same passions and thoughts that I have.

I have always been more of a "homebody" type, when my daughter was young, I was a stay at home mom. Sewed clothes for my daughter, had a vege garden in the yard, built my own raised gardening beds on a city lot, cooked and baked bread, dreamed of having a farm.  I took care of some repairs while my husband worked long, crazy hours at his job, mostly 2nd shift (2:30 to 10:30) plus a lot of overtime. Eventually I grew bored of this and started my own income tax business. I have always been pretty self sufficient, but I missed out on the connection of sharing my dreams with someone other than my husband and daughter.

I never nurtured the kind of relationships with girlfriends that I could call everyday to tell all my problems to.  My life was my husband and our daughter. I have a friend that I didn't keep in touch with when she moved to Florida over 30 years ago, and I regret that. We could talk about anything together. We are facebook friends, and send emails occasionally, but I really need to get back in touch with her. Maybe an RV winter trip to Florida.

Now I am finding this type of relationship on "Blogger". It just amazes me that we can all talk to each other so easily.

And many of you have met each other in person and the friendships are lasting. I hope to meet you guys while I am on the road.


  1. Anywhere without snow for winter would be great.

    I sure look forward to us meeting somewhere on the road. And yes, blogging is a wonderful way to meet people with like minds, ideas, lifestyles, or not....

  2. "I love my computer, my friends live in it..." A cartoon I saw recently with a guy hugging his computer.

  3. there is nothing like the 'blogging family'!..I love my computer blogging friends are in there!!!...have a great week, Teri!!

  4. I find it much easier for me to communicate with people through writing than actually standing face to face talking to someone. I am perfectly at home here behind my keyboard but very uncomfortable meeting people & trying to carry on a conversation. Wasn't always that way years ago but time & circumstances have a way of changing people. I much prefer my quieter ways now.....:))

  5. Hi Terri,
    I found your blog this morning, it is very delightful.
    I almost have read it all but am running out of time this morning. I really am enjoying all your quotes.
    I read about your dream to do Alaska and some books people recommended heres another one
    Alaska Bound and gagged, bu Joei Carlton Hossack, who was also widowed and traveled with her husband for years. I am sure you will enjoy this book. I have several of her books and I enjoyed them all. (yes Iam a book horder)
    I will come home and read the rest of you blog today. I should be working on my own. :(

  6. Teri, I'm glad you commented on the Duck, or I might not have found you for a while.

    I love my "face" friends, but I'm a pure introvert and really enjoy communicating online.

    The Good Luck Duck


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