Remember that when you leave this Earth, you can take with you nothing that you have received, only what you have given, a full heart enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice and courage. -St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Comforting Thoughts

Thanks for all of
the comforting comments.

Again, I repeat
this blog is my therapy

A week before I started this blog,
I considered setting an
appointment with
a therapist,

but I could not picture
myself sitting in an office
and trying to explain
everything to them

They would probably tell me
I am trying to run away from my problems,
 I don't see it that way.


  1. We all know that some problems are within ourselves and we just take them with us. But I also believe that you must find the strength to say "I can't help you" wether you stay or head off on your own adventure.

    You also must find the strength and understanding to not feel guilty because you won't help anymore.

  2. I love the support I get from my blogfriends. The only person you can be true to is yourself. Then be comfortable, or change. It's really Way Too simple. That's why I usually can't see. Hugs!!!

    Therapy has worked for me, sometimes.

  3. Blogging is a form of therapy for a lot of us out here but you may not find many who would readily admit to that. Much easier for some of us folks to sit quietly, collect our thoughts & put them on paper, or nowadays.....on line. Easier to express our feelings without being verbally interrupted & criticized. Not always necessary for a therapist. We all carry our own strengths & answers......

  4. blogging is a huge outlet for thoughts and feelings..keep on writing and we will all keep on reading!!

  5. Hi Teri,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Yes, blogging is a therapy ... writing is a great way to get things out in the open and I think that helps a lot. My D died June of 2010 when I was 56. We had only been married not quite 6 years. It had been a first marriage for both of us and we were totally compatible. We had moved to a new area after we were married so I haven't developed any friends up here but am now slogging it out ... trying to do so. We were just happy the two of us and when we got Mingus the pup, the 3 of us. I am very grateful for Mingus because he has been a living breathing presence in D's absence. I find myself in a bit of a limbo state but am realizing I do need to start taking the bull by the horns a bit more. People don't reach out to you it seems ... you have to reach out to them ... and then they are so glad you did. I find this over and over. BUT, sometimes, I get tired of being the "strong" one, the initiator.

    I also prepared a couple of slide presentations/videos for D's memorial ... the pastor said most women couldn't do that but that perhaps it was healing? I said, yes, I do think it was. I had to face, right up front, his pictures and the memories they evoked. All good things on this grief journey.

    Because we married late in life we had no children. I am the youngest in my family by a good many years and feel a little bit "alone" in the world though I'm still in fairly good contact with some of D's family.

    Did you find me through Widowchick or through Widows' Christian Place or ?

    We were going to buy a little T@B Trailer or something like and travel Canada when D gave up on his Forestry work, which was going to be at the end of 2010 ... we never did. I admire that you want to attempt this on your own. I'm to chicken liver to travel on my own ... I'm not really a great traveler though once I'm on the road I do enjoy seeing new places ... if I can take my time!


    Again, thanks for stopping by.


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