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Friday, February 4, 2011

Fossil Freeway

Tired of the weather, back to dreaming.............

I have been searching the web for some volunteer
 or workamp positions
all the signs point to me leaving here in June
I'm doing my best to keep on track for this timeline
how cool would it be to work at
Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry
or Badlands National Park

Several years ago I was searching the internet for a place to live that had low humidity and a decent climate for most of the year.
 What we all want: not too hot, not too cold, low humidity, etc. . .
As with any search on the web, links take you in all different directions.  I came across the town of Thermopolis, Wyoming as having a very good "comfort index", researching this town lead to a book.
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I'm reading an interesting book
Cruisin' The Fossil Freeway
paleontologist Kirk Johnson
artist Ray Troll

I originally purchased this book as a gift for my husband so that he could plan a road trip for us.
But life got in the way and we put the plans on hold.

I came across the book last week and decided to read the entire book instead of just flipping through it.

The authors traveled in a big blue 1983 pickup truck
An interesting thought from the book:
Oil is not made of Dinosuars
Big blue was a gas hog, getting only 12 miles per gallon.
 Our 5,000 mile round trip used about 420 gallons of gas,
 releasing nearly four tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
 Eighty million years ago, during the Cretaceous,
 marine plankton extracted carbon dioxide from the warm sea that covered Colorado.
Then the plankton died and sank to the seafloor,
where it was buried and fossilized, eventually maturing into buried petroleum.
Our trip was fueled by fossils from a greenhouse world,
and Big Blue's emissions,
 which will hang in the atmosphere for the next hundred years,
 are doing their part to return our modern world to greenhouse conditions.

Interesting information, I hope I get to work at some of the sites described in the book.


  1. Many parks on the county, state and federal levels very much like volunteers. Good luck. Dinosaur would be very interesting.

  2. I think you have several people on your Blog Follower's list who have experience with volunteering & workamping. Gypsy & Judy both come to mind. We briefly considered that direction a few years ago but with 3 dogs it just didn't seem practical for us.


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