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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Drifts

Posting some pictures from around my house

It's strange... because of the blowing winds....some areas around the house have no snow and other areas have large drifts that are at least 4' tall.
Looking out my back door, the official snowfall is about 18"
but the drifts are a lot higher 

 In my garage, looking towards the street
my driveway is at least 75' long
It's gonna take me a few days to shovel myself out

 I couldn't open the back door from inside,
luckily there was no snow on the front porch


  1. Wow! I used to have a long driveway when I lived in Pollock Pines, CA and I'd park at the end of my driveway when snow was coming. Much easier to clean off the car than shovel the driveway! I have to admit, though, I loved the excitement of it all. :)

  2. After looking at your pictures I had to go put on my winter coat, along with a scarf, mitts & a warm hat. Sure don't miss those darn old cold snow shoveling days.......

  3. nice snow shots..happy shovelling!!


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